Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tight Hips &

photo credit: TamDPhotography 
            While doing Yoga the other day, I noticed my stress was settling in my hips.  When focusing on my breath during the relaxation pose, there was some sort of blockage. My breath wouldn't flow to my legs. It was stuck in my hips.  Being the Google person I am, I searched for an explanation to my dilemma. After much research, I found an explanation for my tight hips.  The most logical explanation I found is I carry my emotions in my hips. There are deep seated things I haven’t wanted to deal with so I have spiritual buried them in my hip area. 

            After pondering on this information, it made perfect sense.  It hit me that I’m struggling to have my heart remain open since being hurt by someone very close to me.   It has taken me the last year to open my hips physically but do to recent events my progress came to screeching halt.  My body had stopped working towards its goal because of my state of mind.  In the last year, I've
Relaxation Pose Photo Credit: Yoga Learning Center
become more open to learning new things and expanding my heart to love.
In this past year every cell in my body responded to my open heart.  This new found information helped me recognize my issues and helped me to release my pain.   It is amazing how my body recognized my hurt and pain and instinctively began to respond to my emotional pain.  It is astonishing that I was able to realize this doing evening yoga on Hulu.  I have worked too hard to open my mind body and spirit to go backwards. Every night I work on releasing my hurt little by little…
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What is your body saying to you?