Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just For Laughs

We All Need a Good Laugh...Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guess Who's Back?

I know, I know here we go, I have been gone, I took a break...I wish I could say well deserved or on a long beautiful vacation on a tropical island but it was just life. I changed career paths..well kind of, which means we had to re adjust our whole family and how my position as a mother in the home is ran. I became overwhelmed and still working on that adjustment as we speak. So I put my hand out to you, go ahead and hit it a couple times...Oooh I kind of like it a bit. I am That Chic, the blogger that can't really take a break it's not possible so I am back, and if you all will have me, I am here to stay. Accept my apology, please?

In my absence I have enjoyed family and my journey to a healthier me. I am a runner, I love it, it's hard but I feel good and it helps with my thinking and focus. I run three times a week, and bootcamp the other 2, and live it up over the weekend...Turn up!!! WooopWooop!!! Me eating had slipped a bit, I gained 8lbs back after a 40lbs weight loss, I am telling you it feels like I gain it all back. My hubby took my scale because I found myself jumping on that thing every time I went to the bathroom, No bueno!!! I found myself looking in the mirror seeing the "old me" you know Phat Chic the wobbly tip on the scale with one leg, you know Phat Chic the had to lay across the bed just to put on a pair of pants, you know Phat Chic that would cry a bit every time she went into a dressing room, those emotions didn't go away..But I did but Phat Chic in her place, and let her know This Chic had no room for that BISH!!!!, She was not welcome, Phat chic was never going to replace That Chic, there is no room for her here, beside I gave all those clothes away, had become passionate about That Chic  the one I've seen as a reflection in my heart and soul. So I am back, in full effect, That Chic...she is Fly, you just hold on to your hats because it time for us to take a ride...and this one could get wild, you don't want to miss a moment.

#WCW Sara Murphy

I hardly ever watch shows like Extreme Makeover or Biggest Loset but last week my eyes were glued to the television as Extreme Weightloss indroduce Sara Murphy. Their first little person to appear on the show.  From the moment Sarah opened her mouth and begin to speak, I wanted to know more about her story. I spent the duration of the show rooting for her, cheering her on, bashing her sister for her and celebrating her weight loss journey.  She is  powerhouse packed into a tiny package. Her story was  inspiring to everyone.  She ran a marathon which is twice as hard on body than it is on someone normal size.  She didn't complain about her journey; she did the work. This is why she is PHATSKinny Chic #WCW