Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Raven Goodwin: Woman Crush Wednesday

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Raven Goodwin is our WCW. We know her as Niecy, the struggling young mother on Being Mary Jane. Though her character may be immature and self-conscious, I don’t think the same holds true for Ms. Goodwin. Born in 1992, she has been acting since the tender age of 9. I first saw her while watching Good Luck Charlie with my daughter on the Disney channel. She has also starred in the movie Lovely and; Amazing (2002), The Station Agent (2003), and also on the TV series Just Jordan (2007). Starring in roles that push the envelope in regards to insecurity and self-acceptance tend to make us all feel more at ease with the way we view ourselves and others around us. Likewise, the comedic roles that she plays also help us not always take things so seriously. To do that as a child actor then as a woman coming into her own is amazing. Though she might not be a household name, her work speaks volumes about her future. To survive the harsh world of child acting and to be able to keep your craft as a sustainable career is worth its’ weight in gold in the film and television industry and she does it so seamlessly. In an interview that I recently saw, she exuded self-confidence without appearing arrogant or entitled. Professionalism, humility, and being focused on your passion can take you to the stars and beyond!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Motivation: Start off our Day with an Accomplishment!

This morning I had a revelation while making my bed. I never understood while growing up why my mother & grandmother insisted on me making my bed. I was going to get back into it anyway. WHY DO ALL THAT WORK?  Lazy I know. Well for many many years, I did not make my bed. I would just get up & go. This past year I've challenged myself to make my bed up everyday. I have learned a valuable lesson from this challenge.  Making my bed is the first task I complete with the start of my day. (right after my quiet time with Jesus) It is my first accomplishment of the day. Making my bed prepares me mentally for the things to come.  I look at my bed & proclaim "Today will be a Great Day" all because I took time out to do something simple. I don't think this was the lesson my Grandmother or Mom was trying to teach me or maybe it was. They wanted me to take pride in myself. After all my bedroom is a reflection of me.  #lessonlearned
What does your bed say about you