Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vendor's Table for Under $20

My Mom Wearing My Breast Cancer Awareness Tee
Taking a leap of Faith off the sidewalk to start a new business is big deal and sometimes costly.  I have learned how to do many things with little to no budget.( Honestly it is no budget at all) As PHATSkinny Chic picks up steam and builds a name for herself, I am getting invited to many different conferences, sip & shops, and other events. At many of these events, I must display my products or 411 about PSC.  Right now I don’t have the funds to buy the branding items I desire to attend these events but that doesn’t mean my presentation can’t be fabulous.   I am going to show you How to set up a vendor’s table at your next event for less than $20 bucks!

About a week and half ago, I was invited to attend Girls Night Out at Belk in Arbor Place Mall in my big city of Douglasville, GA.  When asked to attend this event, my mind immediately went into creative overdrive.  I had $20 in the bank that I could spend on my table.  I wanted something that represented PSC brand. We are fun, fantastic but also professional.  I didn’t want my table to look like arts and crafts. I wanted it to look like I was serious about my company even if I didn’t have a lot of money to spend.  Luckily most of the items I needed where in my house.  Since PSC is about health fitness and fashion for the real size woman, I decided to focus on the health and fitness aspect of our brand.  I do most of my workouts at home so I had a lot of things I needed to showcase PSC . 

Things from My House:

·         Pink yoga mat
·         Black exercise ball
·         3lbs weights
·         Pink jump rope
·         Water with my label on it from a previous event
·         Pink Paint
·         Glitter Paint
·         Plate stands
Things I purchase
·         Cardboard Letters (Hobby Lobby $1.50/ 5 pieces)
·         Pink spray paint (Home depot $5 for two cans)
·         Styrofoam pumpkins (Dollar Tree $3 for three)

Things I created

·         Brochures
·         List of favorite Hiking areas in Douglas County

Here are some pictures from the event.  

I enlisted my niece and nephew to paint my letters

my water bottle...I design the labels and
added them to water bottles

I am really impressed by the brochure I created.
Microsoft has a lot of templates to choose from.

Do you see the glitter on the letters?

My Table!!! I really love it.  I do recommend investing in a tablecloth
You can get a really good one for about $20.
Belk provided the table cloth

So remember with creativity and little imagination you can have a fabulous vendors table for under $20. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Health Hero

My Healthy Hero…

Since starting my journey to a healthier me at the end of 2012, I have faced many challenges.  I haven’t reached my ultimate goal for weight loss yet. I find myself struggling to not gain the weight I have already lost. Every day I learn that life happens and I can’t allow life’s unexpected events throw me off course.  When I do stray off the path, I am learning how to reroute myself to get back on track.  Thankfully, I have not been on this journey alone.  I have many friends and family who encourage me to just continue and keep going. Whether it has been my old roommate who pushed me to improve my flexibility by doing dancer stretches or my sisters who will go hiking with me and joined a 9 week challenge that was motivated by a Facebook group and was also hosted by sorority sister to keep me motivated on my journey.  I don’t have just one Health Hero.  I have many Heroes.  When I started my journey, I knew I was making a commitment to a lifestyle change.  I was not looking for overnight success. I knew it was going to be hard work with rewarding days and not so rewarding days. Each person I mention above has been a lamp, a streetlight, and a nightlight on my path.  I could not have made it this far without them. 
I encourage you to search your circle for your Health Heroes. Take advantage of things they offer you.  Many times our insurance offers incentives and reward programs to get healthy.  Through these programs, you can meet a new running partner, walking buddy, or a personal trainer.  For example, Oscar Health Insurance offers a Gym Membership Re-imbursement Program for their policy holders.

Oscar offers gym reimbursements up to $400 per member and up to $200
per covered spouse each year.

After filling out some paperwork and attending the gym 50 times in a 6-month period, you can collect the $40 you spend every month on gym membership.  Cutting the cost of a gym membership and calories at the same time is a Super Hero move to me.

On my health journey, I have learned to be creative with my lifestyle changes.  I have opened my heart and mind up to people who are willing to help me.  I appreciate every person who has spoken kind words to me; send me thumbs up on social media and those who have given me a nod of encouragement in gym.  Health Heroes are everywhere and I love them all.