Thursday, October 23, 2014

BExtraordinary- Mz. WallSt

Mz. WallSt is a Comedienne with an entrepreneur's heart.  She classifies herself as a Southern Northern girl spending her summers in New York and winters in South Carolina.  She learned her trade and sharpened her business skills on the most famous street in corporate America, Wall St.   Thus her moniker is Mz. WallSt. because she has a lot of assets.  From the start of the interview, Mz. WallSt was dropping nuggets of wisdom on how to handle money and build assets while building a brand. Mz. WallSt is a real estate mogul who expanded her empire into comedy five years ago.  She performs stand-up comedy, as well as promote other comedians.  At the time of this interview, She was auditioning to be a part of the cast of ‘Confessions of PHAT Girl, I had the privilege of learning that Mz. WallSt is a Shepreneur and an Advocate of Domestic Violence.

Why She Advocates

Domestic Violence is a cause that hits close to home for her.  She grew up watching her mother be a victim of abuse.  She is a product of domestic abuse. Mz. WallSt states, “If a Man bulks up at me, I am out the door.”  She witnessed the hardships and struggles her mom went through and vowed at young age not to place herself in those types of environments.  She created her wealth through different ventures such as real estate and travel agent.  The advice she gives to  women in domestic violence situations is “Don’t stay because of the money. You must decide which is more important to you as a woman the money or your life.”  

Mz. WallSt firmly believes men should not hit women under any circumstances and  women should not provoke men in a situation in which they can become violent.  Women must be aware of the warning signs their partners shows them.  "Know the violent tendency of your mate and what provokes them.  When you see these tendencies don’t ignore them by all means get out of that situation as soon as possible."

How She Uses Comedy to Spread the Message Love Doesn’t Hurt!

“Comedy is like having a discussion with people," Mz. WallSt stated.  Hard issues become easier to talk about once people are laughing.  Mz. WallSt makes her audience comfortable with her, so she can bring more awareness to Domestic Violence.

Last Words…

“Women don’t allow money to keep you in a domestic violence situation.  We must learn how to create our own wealth so if things get hard we can leave a bad situation and land on our feet.”

Mz. WallSt is an Ambassador for Still Standing Foundation. Still Standing Foundation will host Still Standing Purple Affair Oct 26 at 7pm.  Visit Still Standing Foundation website to make a donation or to purchase tickets to the Purple Affair Event.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Women Crush Wednesday-Jennifer Hudson

My Woman’s Crush and playlist is from the same person. I have been listening to her new album for the last 2 days.  After looking at all her videos on Vevo, I was like damn Jennifer Hudson is snatched! Yes Girlfriends, Jennifer Hudson is my #WCW.  Watching her videos gave me inspiration and new drive that I needed to kick my workouts into high gear.  She has maintained her 80 lbs weight loss for over 4 years.  Her Music reminded me of the reason why I started my journey in the first place.  I wanted to be sexier, more confident, and feel great. Her new album does all of that.  It makes you feel sexy flirty and confident.  I am so feeling JHud and her Fantastic Body. 

who would like to see has our next #WCW?