Thursday, April 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Selfies No More

You may have notice lately I have not been posting "selfies". It is because I have put on weight. I gained 10 lbs back of what I've shed.  I can tell a huge difference in my face.  Although many of you support my cause and celebrate my overall weight loss, I still feel like I not only let myself down but you guys as well. 
My first initial thoughts were to keep this to myself and grind out. I was going to wait until I dropped the weight to start posting pictures again, but that is not be truthful & honest.  I said I was going to be more transparent with you guys, and I'm keeping my word. 

Shedding pounds and transforming my life has been a real struggle for me. I have good days and not so good days. Just the other day I stood in my closet and cried calling myself fat & ugly. My roommate & mother quickly checked me. I also had a guy so rudely called me and a fellow blogger FAT! His comment quickly motivated me. His comment reminded me why I blog and go through blood sweat & tears. I share my story to encourage and uplift people, to tear down stereotypes that you have to be a certain size to enjoy working out & fitness.

As I keep pressing forward to my goals, I'm going to appreciate every step of the way.  Every tear I cry & all the struggles are worth it. I must always remember the journey is just as important as the destination. 

Be Blessed & stay PHAT (phenomenal humble awesome thankful)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blog Tips: One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Does Not Fit All…

I am back with more Blogging Tips…Let me just get right to it.  One size Does Not Fit All!!!  What works for one person blog may not work for your blog.  It is important to develop a system that works for you. After all, you are the one who has to work and maneuver in it.  I am not saying delete your Blog Stuff Board on Pinerest.  Hell Nawl! Don't do that.  It has some really great articles on blogging on the board. I am saying sample things or do test runs on the great tips you have read about on your board.  By researching and doing trial runs on other people ideas and tips, you will soon create a system which works for you.  I’ve taken a piece from this blog and that blog to help PSC.  I recently created a Blog Calendar.  Genius Idea!  I was tired of feeling like I had to be glued to social media all day. My brain and eyes needed a break from Facebook!  Ignore those blog post that try to sell you on their blogging ways.  Well, don’t ignore them but be aware of the people who sell you the sizzle and not the steak.  People selling me their system doesn’t work for me.  I have to spend too much time trying to figure out how to make their system work for me which is time wasted on my end.  I much rather people give me principles which spark ideas for me to create my own system.  

Ok, Ok, Ok  I need to give tips or else you won’t come back… 
My 3 points
1.       Study Your favorite Blogs Closely.  Pay attention to how often they post…their social media game.  The design of their blog. 
2.       Pick out the things you like that you might want to try on your blog.  Test it out for a month or so.  Keep what works and throw away the rest
3.       Apply previous knowledge and skills from previous jobs or volunteer position to your blog.  I have applied my Volunteer coordinator experience to my blog. I have recruited friends to guest blog on my site.  It helps me by helping them gain a new experience and skill set.  They get to venture into the blogging world without making the investment.  Trust Me you will use all of your  skills from your previous job while writing.
4.       Final tip: THIS IS YOUR BLOG!  Do with it what you want.    Make it fun creative and enjoyable for you. 

Blog Tips: Right Connections

One thing I have learned while blogging  is not every person I meet or wants to work with me  has been the right connection.  I have met people with the right intentions but have a different work ethic than mine.We simply clashed. I have met people who I wanted to work with, but they didn’ t have time for me. They dropped me a nugget or two and moved on with life.  I am not mad at these situations because they've developed a sixth sense  for me to notice the people who are a good fit for me.    My right connection people are those who will check on me from time to time.  They offer tips on how to improve my blog. They make time to answer my questions and encourage me. They trust me with tasks that will help their business.  They suggest books for me to read for my personal growth. They tell me to, “Come Out That Corner” when I am teaching.  I’ve learned my right connection people are not my everyday people. They are the people I talk to on occasions. They are the people who sharpen my skills.  It took some time to GET OVER MYSELF in order for me to accept my right connection people. I am glad I did because my life and business have turned around drastically. 

Essential Tip:
When connecting with people, look for people who are smarter, wiser, and more creative than yourself. It is just like working out. When you workout with someone stronger than you, it challenges you to become stronger as well.

How To Recognize your Right Connection People

  • They push you to grow
  • They ruffle your feathers but in a good way
  • They tear you down to build you back up
  • They correct you with kindness
  • They make themselves available to you
  • They ask you for help. This is not one sided people
Enjoy my tips or have one of your own? Leave a Comment!