Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall How do I Love the

Shakirah McQueen
Something about fall sets the mood for me, not sure if it's the beautiful leaves changing colors or snuggle bunny weather. S/O to my boo thang! Fall is a live painting exploding right before your eyes, going from green to burnt orange colors and finally the beautiful shades of brown before they hit the grown.  Fall is the smile on my husband's face because of college football with wings, pizza, and dips. "Babe, should I do a football pool” LOL, I just laugh he has never asked before, I just see him studying football like a big exam. Go Fantasy Football!!  Fall represent the countdown to year end. Fall to me is all of these things but more importantly fall is about FASHION!!!

Lawwwd fall this year is soo reflective of me, wild crazy, different, stripes, circles, bright colors all rolled up into one.

Fall Fashion is the wild card that is That Chic. The fashion world has added color combos, optic prints, sixties silhouettes, and sheers, I love a little peek; add a bit of Normcore fashion. Can a girl really partake in it all? Why yes I believe I will.

The must have fall fashion deliciousness is:

  • The speckled pullover, Fashion Experts call it speckled. I call it kind of knitted but pumped Parka, 
  • Don’t be scared roll those sleeves up and Funk up that "jacket", if it is lined...just take it out and replace it during the weather. 
    photo credit: fashiontrend.com
  • They angle boot, child I am telling the shoe, well in the case the boot speaks louder than ever this season...she is just a baby, but she is "doing it". 
  • Of course those hot graphic Tee's, say something without saying a word, heck...wear your man's t shirt, just fancy it up with your feminine touch. 

    Graphic Tee Coming from Phatskinny Chic Soon! 
  • The Oversize Sweater, make that baby over sized, it screams, "she is HOT" without you being too "hot" temperate wise.  No me I could go nude in color or pop out those bright colors, don't you just love fashion. 
  • Anything Leather- pairs it with a jewel color shirt which is a hot fall trend. 
    Me Rocking Leather Leggings and Electric Blue Shirt!!!
    Where are my Shoes? 
  • Jump, jump I love a great jumpsuit, I add a lace up shoe, or those sneakers. I can either go Farmer Bill, and add a wedge and change the game up a bit. 

I guess I could go on and on, when it comes to Fall in Love with Fall, especially My Fashion to do's. Before I leave you, I just  want you to close your eyes and image you, in that show stopper outfits  hitting the streets in all these fashion greats. Come with me...Fall in Love with all things Fall. Her, You, and That Chic..

Monday, September 29, 2014

#MCM Scott Foley

If you did not  see the season premier of Scandal this past Thursday, You are living under a Rock!  Scott Foley as Jake is "Sway in the Wind"  He heated it up from the first 5 seconds of the show.  I tweeted "I need to be with Jake on the beach" OOOOOOoooh that should be a new drink!!! Instead of sex on the beach, I want a Jake on the Beach!  Scott Foley you can reach out and touch me any day.   #Crushing